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[category-introduction] Bathroom tapware provides a very important function in your bathroom. It also adds character and flair. At Tradelink, we have a huge tapware range, including shower mixers, sink mixers and taps in a large array of sizes, styles, colours, and materials. From brushed gold tapware options that elevate the elegance, through to black tapware and gunmetal tapware that draws your eye and makes a bold statement. Brass tapware and brushed nickel tapware feature in our collection, and are favoured for their style and practicality, and we have an enormous range of chrome tapware too – for some, it’s hard to look past this tried and tested favourite. We proudly stock the best tapware brands available, and the most popular, including Raymor, Phoenix, Nero, Methven and Oliveri. This brings added peace of mind, that when you buy with us, you know you’re buying quality that will last. The Tradelink team of friendly bathroom specialists has the expertise to help you choose the right bathroom tapware to match your shower heads, shower screen, basin, bath, and even your toilet.
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We have a huge range of bathroom tapware at Tradelink, including shower mixers and sink mixers to match the styles of your shower heads, shower screen, basin, bath, and even your toilet. Give the bathroom a cohesive and complete look and feel.

The use of the shower mixer tap and sink mixer tap (also called a basin mixer tap) is on the rise in Australian bathrooms. These are the taps designed to allow both hot and cold water to flow from a single spout. They are controlled by a single handle which you adjust by shifting the lever left or right with minimal effort to achieve the ideal water temperature. The on and off function of a mixer tap is just as easy – simply lift the lever up to turn the mixer tap on and push the lever down to turn it off.

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Shower mixers and sink mixers are a modern and stylish bathroom tapware solution. They are easier for your youngest family members to use, as well as your older ones. They are safer too – with the water having been mixed as it flows, there’s a reduced risk of exposure to very hot water.
Mixer taps help save on your monthly bills. When you set the temperature in one flow you don’t wash as much water down the drain as you would tinkering with two taps and getting the temperature right. You can also add flow limiters to help with the water savings. Mixer taps are sleek and modern by design, and they are engineered to offer a long life without the requirement for lots of maintenance.

Nickel, Brass, Black, or Gold Mixers 
When it comes to shower mixer and sink mixer colours and finishes, you’re spoilt for choice. While there are no hard and fast rules about what you should and shouldn’t choose, practicality, colour scheme, design, budget, and personal preference all come into play.

Brushed nickel tapware is finding its way into more and more Australian bathrooms. It doesn’t show fingerprints, scratches and water spots and is very easy to clean. It’s durable and tends to keep its finish longer. Plus, brushed nickel tapware is relatively inexpensive. It complements a range of colour schemes – including blues, greens, oranges, reds, and yellows – and pairs well with brass and black tapware and accessories if you want to mix things up.

If you’re seeking to add an air of elegance to your bathroom, brass tapware and brushed brass tapware are what you need. Once only chosen for traditional or heritage bathrooms, brass is now finding its way into a range of different aesthetics, including boho-luxe and contemporary styles. It’s always a striking addition and can warm a cool-toned space. Both brass tapware and brushed brass tapware are easy to clean and find and are very durable. Use brushed brass tapware in combination with matte black accessories for a striking look.

Black tapware looks sleek and sophisticated. It brings a modern edge to any bathroom design and uplifts a space. It’s good at hiding watermarks, dust, and stains. Neutral colour schemes tend to work well with black tapware as do natural materials like stone, marble, and timber. For contrast, black tapware can be paired with almost any other metal finish, including brushed nickel, brass, and gold. 

For a look that’s timeless, gold tapware and brushed gold tapware are your go-to. Available in both traditional and modern tapware styles, they help you to make an elegant statement. Gold tapware and brushed gold tapware bring warmth to your bathroom, and they don’t rust or easily tarnish. Combine brushed gold tapware with matte black accessories for an even bolder look.

As bathroom tapware specialists, you can count on Tradelink to help you on your bathroom renovation or design journey. Contact us for further advice on selecting the right products. Explore the buying guide for more inspiration.

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