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[category-introduction] Bathroom assisted living equipment and bathroom aids support the daily living needs and personal care requirements of people who are ageing, living with disability, and recovering from injury and illness. Things like disabled toilets, toilet aids, and taps bring independence, while shower seats and shower rails bring dignity and the ability to mobilise without assistance. Shop the Tradelink bathroom assisted living range in store or online.
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[section-a-heading] About our Bathroom Mobility Aids

Raymor, Caroma, Fienza, and Oliveri are just some of the brands with assisted living products. Assisted living bathrooms can be just as stunning as any other bathroom. Our range of bathroom disability aids is designed by leading bathroom product manufacturers with the talent to successfully combine style and function.
All our assisted living equipment comes with the peace of mind that you are buying quality. Plus, with Tradelink you’re buying products designed for the purpose they were intended. Safety is our utmost priority, so we'd never suggest using or repurposing something if it wasn’t up to the task. 

Assisted Living Products at Tradelink
At Tradelink, our expertise extends beyond bathroom assisted living products to include kitchen assisted living and laundry assisted living ranges. There are many things to consider when making your selection. Start by thinking about your physical needs now and your likely needs in the future. Are you living independently or living with assistance? How much space do you need for manoeuvrability? What are the needs of other users sharing your bathroom space?  With the right assisted living aids in place, you’ll regain your freedom and quality of life. Browse all our assisted living products online or ask our team for assistance in store. Find a store here.

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Bathroom Aids for Elderly People
It is essential that elderly people have dignity and control when in the bathroom. Bathroom mobility aids provide more independence and increase confidence and self-esteem. With their uneven and slippery surfaces, bathrooms are hazardous areas for older people so assisted living equipment can make the bathroom safer and more enjoyable.

  • Shower seats can help older people who have decreased balance and physical strength or mobility difficulties to shower safely and independently. There are free standing, wall mounted and folding shower seat options to choose from.
  • Comfort height toilet suites have a taller seat that generally makes it easier to sit down and stand up. They are especially beneficial for people with knee, hip or back pain or problems.
  • Grab rails help older people to maintain their balance and reduce fatigue while standing. They also aid movement around the bathroom.
    The options for bathroom aids for elderly people don’t end there. Shop the Tradelink bathroom assisted living range in store or online.

Bathroom Aids for Disabled People
Everyday activities in the bathroom can be difficult for people with disabilities. Bathroom disability aids give them the confidence they will be safe while completing these routine tasks. It also gives them the freedom and privacy they long for. Turning a bathroom tap on and off and regulating the temperature can be a minefield for someone with a disability. Basin mixers have the problem solved, with their easy fingertip control handle. Showers can be slippery and some people with disabilities prefer to sit down while showering. A freestanding or folding shower seat can make showering safer, easier and more enjoyable. Special needs toilets are  particularly suited to people with disability. Some come with an assist seat that has no lid and incorporates internal stabilisers. 

As bathroom assisted living specialists, you can count on Tradelink to help you on your bathroom renovation or design journey. Explore our care products buying guide, or shop the look for more inspiration. Remember, our expertise extends beyond assisted living products for the bathroom to assisted living products for the kitchen and assisted living products for the laundry. Browse these products online too or ask our team for assistance in store. Find a store here.

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