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[category-introduction] Tradelink is proud to feature Caroma, a renowned brand known for its innovative design and exceptional quality in bathroom solutions. From the elegant lines of a Caroma bath to the modern functionality of Caroma tapware, we present a wide range of options to help create your perfect bathroom. With more than 80 years of experience, this brand stands at the forefront of sustainable luxury in bathroom design. Every product strikes a balance between form, function and beauty, ensuring your bathroom experience is refreshing and indulgent. Shop Caroma products from Tradelink today.
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Caroma, an Australian-born brand, has been redefining the landscape of bathroom solutions since 1941. Established by the Hungarian-born visionary Charles Rothauser, Caroma is a pioneer in its field, renowned for introducing the world's first two-button dual flush toilet system. Today, Caroma distributes its high-quality bathroom products globally as part of the Caroma Dorf group of companies.

With a legacy built over eight decades, Caroma offers a diverse product line to cater to varied tastes and functional needs. From the comfort and style of Caroma toilets and Caroma basins, the brand extends its exquisite designs to kitchens and laundries as well.

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In addition to its rich history and vast product range, Caroma is recognised for its innovative spirit and commitment to sustainability. The brand's numerous groundbreaking introductions, like the 4.5/3L dual flush cistern through Smartflush technology and the first-ever WELS 5-star rated toilet suites, underscore its dedication to water conservation. These innovations have not only set new industry standards but also earned Caroma several Australian Design Awards, attesting to its excellence in sustainable design.

As a trusted distributor, Tradelink is proud to bring you Caroma's suite of products. Whether you're looking for a new Caroma bath, a functional Caroma tap replacement or a comfortable Caroma toilet seat, our extensive catalogue has you covered. Discover Caroma's legacy of innovation and sustainability, and step into a world of design excellence and ultimate comfort.

Browse our expansive catalogue of Caroma bathroom products
Take a closer look at our comprehensive range, filled with top-quality Caroma bathroom products. From luxurious baths and advanced toilet systems to timeless basins and fixtures, we offer everything to elevate your bathroom experience.

Caroma Baths
Caroma baths is where minimalistic design meets utmost comfort. Our Caroma baths are crafted to fit seamlessly against the wall, promoting easy cleaning and compatibility with stylish wall bath mixers. Whether you want a solitary soak or a shared bath, our array of sizes accommodates your preference. Drawing inspiration from contemporary aesthetics, these baths boast delicate lines that offer a gentle recline. Relax in style with our Caroma baths and enjoy luxury in your home.

Caroma Toilets and Toilet Seats
Combining luxury and cutting-edge technology, our collection of Caroma toilets and Caroma toilet seats are some of the best in the world. These high-end bathroom essentials are designed for those who want superior quality and modern functionality in their toilet. From concealed cisterns that ensure streamlined design to adjustable temperatures for your comfort, every detail is carefully considered. Some models even offer remote control capabilities, adding a layer of convenience to your daily routine. Choose Caroma for an unmatched blend of elegance and innovation.

Caroma Tapware
Add a touch of practical elegance to your bathroom with our range of Caroma tapware. These products marry functionality with style, featuring innovative attributes like retractable sprays and shiny chrome finishes. Additionally, our products feature flexible soft PEX hoses, revered for their durability, ease of installation and antibacterial properties. With Caroma tapware, your water remains free of taste and odour changes, ensuring a safe and refreshing experience every time.

Caroma Shower Heads
Caroma shower heads embody the fusion of Australian ingenuity and modern design. Crafted for diverse lifestyles, these shower heads feature sleek lines and on-trend colours, transforming your shower into a daily luxury experience. Each shower head is meticulously designed for optimal water saving and is 100% leak-tested. Choose Caroma shower heads for a stylish, modern and sustainable addition to your bathroom.

Caroma Basins
The line of Caroma basins we have in stock adds a touch of classic elegance to any bathroom. With subtle, subdued curves, these basins effortlessly complement contemporary aesthetics. These basins integrate seamlessly with your existing cabinetry, creating a harmonious blend between your furniture and fixtures. Choose from our wide array of Caroma basins to lend a timeless touch to your bathroom.

Other Caroma Fixtures and Accessories
Explore an extensive range of other Caroma fixtures and accessories to complete your bathroom ensemble. From practical towel rails and modern bathroom shelves to innovative toilet roll holders, we offer many choices to enhance your bathroom's functionality and looks.

The Caroma difference
Selecting the perfect brand for bathroom fixtures is critical to creating a relaxing and functional space. Here are five compelling reasons why Caroma stands out as a leading choice.

80+ years of experience
With over 80 years in the industry, Caroma has refined the art of bathroom design. This vast experience translates into an understanding of the varying needs and styles of their customers. Caroma's products are a testament to decades of listening, innovating and improving. Each piece, be it a Caroma toilet or a Caroma bath, reflects a blend of rich history and forward-thinking designs that keep pace with evolving lifestyle trends and technologies.

Quality craftsmanship
At the heart of Caroma lies an unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship. Every Caroma tap, Caroma shower head and Caroma basin is a product of meticulous design and rigorous testing, ensuring superior durability and performance. The selection of materials, the precision of the manufacturing process and the attention to detail set Caroma products apart. When you choose Caroma, you choose an assurance of quality and a promise of lasting service.

Incredible warranty
Caroma's confidence in its products is reflected in its outstanding warranty policies. This assurance protects your investment and provides peace of mind knowing your Caroma products are built to last. A warranty from Caroma is a testament to their trust in their craftsmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The specific warranty coverage may vary depending on the product category. For detailed information about Caroma's warranty terms and conditions, please refer to their Product Warranty and Care guide.

Inclusive and accessible design
Caroma believes that good design should be accessible to all. This philosophy drives the creation of products that are not only visually appealing but also functional and easy to use. From user-friendly Caroma toilets and Caroma toilet seats to ergonomic Caroma taps and Caroma baths, every product is designed with inclusivity in mind. Caroma's designs balance aesthetics and accessibility, allowing everyone to enjoy a luxurious bathroom experience.

Commitment to Sustainability
Caroma's lifelong dedication to sustainability sets it apart in the industry. From pioneering the world's first two-button dual flush system to creating the dual flush cistern technology, Caroma has consistently demonstrated its commitment to water conservation. This care of the environment goes beyond products to influence every aspect of the business, from manufacturing processes to corporate social responsibility. Choosing Caroma means contributing to a sustainable future while enjoying products designed for modern living.

Complete Your Caroma Bathroom Ensemble Today
Feeling inspired to create your dream bathroom but unsure where to start? Tradelink is here to guide you every step of the way. With our rich portfolio of Caroma products and our expertise in bathroom solutions, we are your trusted partner in bringing your bathroom vision to life. Whether refreshing a small powder room or undertaking a complete bathroom overhaul, our support team can help you select the perfect fixtures and fittings from our extensive Caroma range.

Reach out to us today and let Tradelink, the authority in bathroom solutions, guide you in creating your ideal oasis. Contact us and embark on your bathroom transformation journey with confidence.

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