Time to bring your laundry to life! You probably spend more time than you want there, so why not make it a beautiful space that you enjoy being in? Make it functional, too. The right tub and tapware will inject convenience and a little sparkle into your daily chores.
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“Laundries are being transformed into beautifully styled spaces with timber benchtops and plenty of storage. Lots of laundries are even converted to include a second bathroom. You can really complete the look with a stylish tub or sink and statement taps.”

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[first-block-title] Loads of fun with laundry tubs and taps
Some are big, some are small. Some are hidden, some are exposed. We’re still talking about laundry rooms of course. The point is, every laundry is set up, designed and used differently.
Do you wash your dog in your laundry tub? Where do you sort and fold your washing? Do visitors walk through your laundry? Is there a bathroom attached, or would you like there to be one day?
Our showroom consultants recommend long-lasting, quality products for your laundry. This isn’t shameless upselling. It’s because they know you’d rather set it and forget it. There are other rooms you’d probably rather redecorate or upgrade over the years. Choose laundry products that stand the test of time.
[second-block-title] Function and style
What’s the number one thing people look for in a laundry tub? A lot of our customers want a laundry sink that can hold ice for a party. Good thing we have a wide range so you can find a tub that looks good and keeps your beers cold. And soaks your laundry. Obviously. If it’s doubling as an ice bucket, you don’t want awkward taps getting in the way. We also give you
plenty of options for tapware. Overall, our range of laundry tubs and taps allows function and style to come together.
Laundry tubs come in a variety of materials including, acrylic, cast iron, stainless steel and ceramic. Some are moulded from polymer and others have polymer coatings, which is an effective way to make metal even more durable. Stainless steel is still the most common, with brushed stainless steel becoming more and more popular for its smooth, contemporary look.
You don’t have to limit yourself to searching for laundry products. Broader bathroom and kitchen tapware ranges and kitchen sink ranges are also suitable for your laundry room. There’s no reason your laundry room can’t have the same stunning matte black fittings as your bathroom, or the same copper sink as your kitchen. Keep in mind that the laundry may be more prone to scratching and abrasion, especially if you wash pets or sporting equipment there.
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[section_1_heading] Laundry tubs and tapware
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Undermount tub
Undermount tubs are installed underneath the counter, which creates a modern look and maximises bench space. You’ll need a cut-out in your bench of exactly the right shape and size. This can only be
achieved with a stone benchtop.

Topmount tub
The topmount tub is installed so the rim sits on top of the counter. It is an inexpensive alternative.

Tub & cabinet floor-standing unit
An all-in-one is a great and inexpensive way to incorporate a tub and storage in your laundry, particularly for small spaces


Washing machine stops
The taps connected to your washing machine – often on the wall above your machine in older laundries. These are now available in many colours and styles, including chrome, brass, black, lever handle and traditional cross-head.


Sink Mixers

Mixers, rather than three-piece tapware, are a smart choice for laundries – this includes mixers from kitchen tapware ranges as well, depending on the plumbing. High spouts with pull down mixers look great and also make washing large items easier.


Wall spouts

These can save you space. Choose a swivel arm for the best functionality.
[section_3_heading] Some tips to get you going
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Put function first
Larger families or households usually need a large sink for pre-soaking and for washing bulky items, but bench space is important too. Really think about how much bench space you can sacrifice for tub size. Base it on your needs now and in the future.


If it’s a quick makeover
Simply replacing your tub and tapware can really enhance your old laundry. If you have visible washing machine stops or taps, try and get new ones to match your new sink tapware.


If it’s a proper reno
Do you have one of those old, all-in-one sinks and cabinets? The ones that get warped and even rusted? We bet you’re glad to upgrade that! The good news is, contemporary designs are much nicer with things like soft-close drawers and matte black finishes. You don’t have to go all out on custom cabinetry for a contemporary laundry renovation.


If it’s a new build
Make sure your bench is big enough for your sink and tap mixer. You could always place the mixer to the side or in the wall if space doesn’t allow. Work out these details with your plumber and cabinet maker first. Also, try and hide your washing machine taps, hose and power points in cupboards and under benches for the most streamlined look.


What’s the difference between a laundry sink and a kitchen sink?

The laundry sink is usually deeper and wider. They are typically 45L, or 70L for a large one. This is because laundry tubs are more multifunctional.

What is a bypass hole and do I need it?

A sink with a bypass is one that has a hole in one or both back corners. This is for your washing machine drain hose. It passes through the whole and connects to PVC pipe under your sink. Whether you need it depends on your set up. Most people prefer to feed the hose through the side of the cabinet, out of site if possible.

Is polymer a metal or plastic?

It’s a type of plastic. Some laundry tubs and cabinets are moulded from white polymer that’s 100%
Australian made – like some of our Everhard Industries products. 

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